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Invisible Sound Studios, located in Baltimore, Maryland, was created by Joe Rinaolo and Dave Nachodsky in 1986 as an artist run studio. We are able to blend the state of the art in modern recording equipment with our own private instrument, drum and amplifier collections, dating back to the 1940's. These collections are housed in the studio, and are maintained and available for use at no additional charge.

This studio is a working museum! 

Over 125 microphones! Over 125 guitar and bass amplifiers! Many new and vintage keyboards. Over 20 drum kits and 50 snare drums. Plus the proper microphone pre-amps and processing to deal with it all. All this, in a large, open-room complex designed to let the sound of your instruments 'breathe'.




The next Guitar Amplifier 'tone geek' Sunday is Sunday, June 14th, 2015, from noon to 5 pm:

  Stop on by the Tone Geek open house, Sunday, June 14th, from noon to 5 p.m., at Invisible Sound Studios.  The studio, as well as the guitar amplifier museum will be open.  We provide light refreshments.

There will be a VERY special announcement made!!!

  Come in and check out the recording gear, microphones, drum kits and guitar amps, especially if you've ever wanted to play through a real '57 tweed bassman, or a "plexi" Marshall, or a 60's Vox AC 30 tb. 
     In the past, many people have brought their own guitars and amps for 'show and tell'.  We've had our share of Top Hats, Tone Kings, vintage Gibson and Fender guitars, Thorn guitars, rare PRS's and more.
     The amp repair shop is open to take in repairs as well. Studio tours are available.  
     Follow this link to see pictures from prior 'Tone Geek' Sundays! 

Directions ( HIGHLY recommended ) to the studio are found here .
Important: DO NOT attempt to Map Quest the studio. Map Quest gives inaccurate directions.

Dave Nachodsky & Joe Rinaolo

Invisible Sound Studios, Inc.
4401 Eastern Avenue Ste. 7
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Home of The North American Guitar Amplifier Museum




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After numerous requests, Invisible Sound Studios and the North American Guitar Amplifier Museum is now avaliable for video/photo shoots!

Do you need to shoot your next music (of other) video in a cool looking location? Well, how about using our studio with it's collection of vintage guitar amps, drums, keyboards etc? It makes the ideal location shoot for music video, film location, etc. Give us a call for more info or to book an event.


Seminars at Invisible Sound Studios

We have also gotten requests to conduct seminars, for both basic recording techniques for the home enthusiast, and basic tube amplifier troubleshooting and care and feeding. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to your specific needs, drop us a line here. We can compile them into a more meaningful seminar, and we will contact you with the detalis!




The North American Guitar Amplifier Museum is featured in the August 2008 Baltimore Magazine:

Check out this month's Baltimore magazine for an article on the North American Guitar Amplifier Museum - thanks to Mike Anft for his informative article!


4/22/2008: Invisible Sound adds Amek 64 input large format console to studio.

The newest addition to the studio is an Amek Einstein 64 input large format console. Originally owned by Kip Winger (of the band 'Winger') in the early nineties, and brought out East in a van (so the 2nd owner tells us), the console has been fully refurbished and gone over in our repair shop and bought up to original specs.

Studio owners Joe Rinaolo (seated) and Dave Nachodsky at the newly installed Amek Einstein console.


Close up image of the newly installed Amek console


11/18/2007: Invisible Sound adds 65 amps London 65 guitar amplifier, Vox AC-15 50th anniversary amplifier and Doctor Z Mini Z amplifier:

Now at over 150 amplifiers and rising, we have added 3 more great amps to our arsenal. The London 65 18 watt amp has 2 of the best and most classic British channels around - an ef 86 Vox AC15 styled channel, as well as the Marshall 18 watt styled channel. The Vox AC-15 features hand wired circuitry.


10/20/2007: Invisible Sound hosts 3rd annual East Coast Thorn Guitar Gathering:

On Oct 20, we hosted the 3rd annual east coast Thorn guitar gathering. This event was open to the members of the Thorn guitar users group. There were over 45 Thorn guitars present (as well as their owners), some people traveling quite a ways to attend. Ron Thorn was there as well - it was a great opportunity for everyone to get some one-on-one with the maker or these great guitars. Click here for more detail from the Thorn discussions page.


6/15/2007: Invisible Sound repair shop now offers Mercury Magnetics transformers:

We can now provide the best iron and install it into your vintage or modern amp. We have already done a 50's tweed twin, and a 70's silver champ (this received a blackface output transformer - what a difference!


5/5/2007: Invisible Sound launches the North American Guitar Amplifier Museum and vacuum tube archive

After adding our 150th guitar amplifier to the studio, we realized that we truly had a great and extensive collection of modern and vintage (mostly tube) guitar and bass amplifiers. This collection is more than representative of most of the brands and models made and used throughout history. So, why not call a museum a museum! But this one is a working museum - we utilize these amps everyday at the studio as part of the working collection of 'tools' - amps, microphones, pre-amps, processing, keyboards, drums etc. to make great recordings. Stay tuned for more news on the museum and more extensive pictures and listings of all of the amps.



Invisible Sound Studios now offers service and repair of tube amplifiers:

For years, we have been maintaining our own extensive collection of tube amplifiers. Due to numerous requests from our recording clients, we are now extending this service to all. To enquire about service for your amp, please call the studio or email Joe Rinaolo.



Invisible Sound Studios adds Tone King amplifier to its vast guitar amp collection:

The Tone King Meteor II amp becomes the 150th guitar amplifier in the studio's arsenal of vintage and modern guitar and bass amplifiers. With 150 guitar amps, over 125 microphones, 20 drum kits, and a large array of vintage and modern keyboards and processing, these tools allow the artist to realize any tone color desired. The studio owners - Dave Nachodsky and Joe Rinaolo consider themselves more as curators and collectors who believe that these fine works of art should be used and recorded, not just acquired and sat on a shelf. They are dedicated to provide these unique and otherwise unobtainable sounds for the artist who may not ever have the opportunity to use or even see these items. The maintenance and expansion of this collection is a labor of love, and there is nothing more satisfying then hearing a completed album that was created with these treasured sounds.

Invisible Sound Studios